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Metals • Plastics • Rubbers • Polymers • Ceramics • Composites
Metals • Plastics • Rubbers • Polymers • Ceramics • Composites - metals, plastics, rubbers, polymers, ceramics, composites


Our scanning electron microscope coupled with x-ray analysis (EDS) is used to examine microscopic details of surfaces and sectioned samples, to identify and analyse features of interest for a wide range of investigations:

We have expertise in analysing samples for a wide range of sectors including:

  • Automotive; powertrain, valvetrain, brakes, suspension
  • Industrial; lifting equipment, hydraulics, catering
  • Oil/Gas/Power Generation
  • Medical Devices
  • Railway
  • Domestic; plumbing fittings, electrical
  • Marine
  • Electronic Devices

The LEO 435VP is a high-performance, variable pressure scanning electron microscope with a resolution of 4.0nm.

Its 5 axis computer controlled stage is mounted in a specimen chamber measuring 300 x 265 x 190mm and can accommodate specimens weighing up to 0.5kg. Standard automated features include focus, stigmator, gun saturation, gun alignment, contrast and brightness.

The Oxford Isis 300 EDS system is coupled to a thin-window detector for simultaneous analysis of elements boron to uranium. The system has both qualitative and quantitative x-ray analysis capabilities, X-ray map acquisition, high-resolution digital imaging and image analysis.

Leo 435VP Scanning Electon Microscope
with Oxford Isis 300 EDS

Scanning Electron Microscope

Resolution 4.0nm (High vacuum mode)
Accelerating voltage 0.3 to 30 kV
Magnification x15 to x300,000
Filament Tungsten hairpin filament
Objective lens apertures 2 position, micrometer controls for precise alignment
Specimen chamber Dimensions: 300mm (long) x 265mm (wide) x 190mm (deep)
Specimen stage 5 axis computer controlled eucentric goniometer
x=100mm, y=125mm, z=34mm
tilt= 0 to 90°, rotation=360° (continuous)
Maximum specimen weight 0.5kg
ASTM E766-98Standard Practice for Calibrating the Magnification of a Scanning Electron Microscope
ASTM E986-97Standard Practice for Scanning Electron Microscope Beam Size Characterization
ASTM E1508-98Standard Guide for Quantitative Analysis by Energy-Dispersive Spectroscopy
ASTM E1829-97Standard Guide for Handling Specimens Prior to Surface Analysis

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