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Wear Testing


The Taber Abraser tests a specimen mounted on a rotating turntable, which is subjected to the wearing action of two abrasive wheels applied at a specific pressure. The wheels are driven by the rotating specimen about a horizontal axis displaced tangentially from the vertical axis of the specimen. Rub-wear action is produced by the sliding-rotation of the two abrading wheels against the specimen. One abrading wheel rubs the specimen outward toward the periphery and the other, inward toward the centre. The resulting abrasion marks form a pattern of crossed arcs over an area approximately 30 square centimetres. The wheels traverse a complete circle on the specimen surface, which reveals abrasion resistance at all angles relative to the weave or grain of the material.

Taber Test
The Taber Test
5151 Abraser
Taber 5151 Abraser
Standard loads 250g, 500g or 1000g
Abradants resilient or vitrified
Environment Wet or dry
Duration Programmable up to 50000 cycles
Vacuum Programmable 50% to 100%
Sample thickness 12.7mm maximum

Standard tests from a wide range of organisations, including AENOR, AFNOR, ANSI, ASTM, BSI, CEN, DIN, ISO, JIS and SAE can be performed on the Taber Abraser. Some of the ASTM standards are shown below.

ASTM C501-84(2015) Standard Test Method for Relative Resistance to Wear of Unglazed Ceramic Tile by the Taber Abraser
ASTM C1353-15a Standard Test Method Using the Taber Abraser for Abrasion Resistance of Dimension Stone Subjected to Foot Traffic
ASTM D1044-13 Standard Test Method for Resistance of Transparent Plastics to Surface Abrasion
ASTM D3389-16 Standard Test Method for Coated Fabrics Abrasion Resistance (Rotary Platform Double-Head Abrader)
ASTM D3451-06(2017) Standard Practices for Testing Polymeric Powders and Powder Coatings
ASTM D3730-17 Standard Guide for Testing High-Performance Interior Architectural Wall Coatings
ASTM D3884-09(2017) Standard Guide for Abrasion Resistance of Textile Fabrics (Rotary Platform, Double-Head Method)
ASTM D4060-14 Standard Test Method for Abrasion Resistance of Organic Coatings by the Taber Abraser
ASTM D4685-15 Standard Test Method for Pile Fabric Abrasion
(ASTM D4712-87a(2005)) Standard Guide for Testing Industrial Water-Reducible Coatings
ASTM D5144-08(2016) Standard Guide for Use of Protective Coating Standards in Nuclear Power Plants
ASTM D5146-10 Standard Guide to Testing Solvent-Borne Architectural Coatings
ASTM D5324-16 Standard Guide for Testing Water-Borne Architectural Coatings
ASTM D6037-18 Standard Test Methods for Dry Abrasion Mar Resistance of High Gloss Coatings
ASTM D7255-14 Standard Test Method for Abrasion Resistance of Leather (Rotary Platform, Double-Head Method)
ASTM F362-91(2010)e1 Standard Test Method for Determining the Erasability of Inked Ribbons
ASTM F510-14 Standard Test Method for Resistance to Abrasion of Resilient Floor Coverings Using an Abrader with a Grit Feed Method
ASTM F1478-17 Standard Test Method for Determination of Abrasion Resistance of Images Produced from Copiers and Printers (Taber Method)
ASTM G195-18 Standard Guide for Conducting Wear Tests Using a Rotary Platform, Double-Head Abraser